Group Income Protection

Offer Benefits of Group Income Protection to Your Employees - 

Group income protection is taken by an organization or corporation for its employees. When the employees are not able to work due to injury or sickness, then this policy protects their income.

For some employees their income is the thing that carries out their normal life. If they become unable to work and unable to have some earning, then this cover helps them. This policy covers almost 75% of the income for an employee.

For claiming the benefits of the policy, an employee will have to prove that he or she is incapable of working.

Which benefits are offered by group income protection policy?

The main benefit of group income protection is that low amount of premium is charged for an individual, whether the policy is of high quality.

Other benefits offered by group income protection are -  

  1. Rehabilitation support or assistance
  2. An employee also gets bill payment assistance.
  3. Waiting period is reduced and coverage limits gradually increase.

Income Protection Insurance Quote may answer your questions - 

Income Protection Insurance Quote helps you by answering all your queries related to group income protection.

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